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    where to register .to domains? (paypal prefered)

    searching for a possibility to register .to domains...

    but i would like to pay via paypal - since i come from germany and i don't have a creditcard.

    thank you in advance for any replies..

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    What about Variomedia, they are based in Germany and sell '.to' Domains for 4,95 / a month.:

    ( And you may be able to purchase them without a credit card, if you are based in Germany, as well.. )

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    The official registry for .to is .

    The Kingdom of Tonga ( ) requires a minimum two years domain registration at US$50.00 per year. They take only credit cards on their automated website, but they do accept checks mailed to their California address (see;;;#10 )

    That's about the extent of my knowledge on .to's I would be VERY interested in finding out another source for registration of these names less than $50.00 a year.
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    ok - seems that there are no american domain provider providing .to

    we decided to get a .in domain anyway

    thx for the replies

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    register .to domains at

    Register.TO has .TO domains at the lowest prices I could find on the net, they also accept paypal.

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