SolidHost, Inc. today announced the release of its newest subsidiary: The new brand acts as a subsidiary of SolidHost, and will function as a stand-alone organization. focuses on Virtuozzo's Virtual Private Server (VPS) technology.

SolidHost has been in business since July 2000 and started to offer VPS technology in November 2004. SolidHost felt that its potential VPS customers were not always familiar with this relatively new technology and therefore launching a subsidiary to focus on this technology was the most sensible answer. is closely working together with SW-soft, the authors of Virtuozzo. With this cooperation is able to make sure that their VPS's run exactly the way they are intended to, ensuring a very high level of service performance and availability. is not a regular company website. The website is a large public forum where staff, customers and potential customers can interact with eachother. Furthermore by using a forum all visitors to the website can easily find the information they need.

Andre van Vliet, SolidHost's CEO and President added: "We want potential customers to see who we are and how we work, before they buy. Many of our competitors are making a lot of claims, but anyone could make such claims on a regular website. By using the interface we have started to use with everyone can really see who we are and how we work. Our aim is to become recognized as the market leader among VPS providers, and to provide the highest level of quality at a low price."