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    Page rank 4 domain price

    For how much a google page ranked 4 domain can be sold? It is

    Iam not selling it, I just want to know how much worth is it
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    Google PR does not give value to the domain name itself
    In fact PR is not %100 related with the search engine rank results

    You can use it only if you decide to give a developed website and the name together

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    I don't entirely agree with your statement. If a domain has a high PR (in my opinion PR5+ is high) and it has valid back links, then it does have value even without content.

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    That's the whole theory behind traffic farming isn't it? Find expiring domain names with high Page Ranks and Link Popularity and then set up PPC links that would be similar to the keywords that were in the previous website's content.

    This is different than my area of concentration, so I wouldn't have any idea what would bring based on Page Rank alone. To me, it's all cash flow... That is, the value of a website is the net present value of the expected future cash flows.
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    esology that's true but you are talking about an ideal situation

    If the site has PR5+ , i would say from 6+ then means it has traffic

    Google Inner Thoughts about Sites Ranked by PR according to my experience

    0 = I don't know you and i don't want to see you again, at least for the next 4-6 months that i will complete my walk to all the city paths. I remember you somewhere! Did i ban you ?
    1-3 = OK i know you are online but don't waste my time
    4-5 = Ahhh i see you are getting somewhere. You will a generous link boost to raise PR up to 6
    6-8 = Welcome my name is Google. How i can serve you ?
    9-(10) = Hello Dear Sir. I know that my owner and the owner of your site play golf together

    Many good backlinks will hold the domain when it will change hands but no for long

    The new owner has to build an equal site with value and keep the quality level

    It was discussed before some time that traffic does count to Google ranking , even there was no proof to this

    So what i want to say that PR doesn't directly affect the price because if you have let's say 7 PR then you built brand and with this in mind
    you don't sell the plain name but the brand name

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    If I was buying an existing site I would be more interested in existing revenues and site traffic (visitors, page views) than in PR. I believe the rule of thumb is 12 times monthly revenue. Speculation, a good domain name and good PR could drive the price up.

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    Originally posted by
    Many good backlinks will hold the domain when it will change hands but no for long
    Well based on my first hand experience I would not agree. I have domains that I picked up (not on drops) that held PR for a year while being parked. I one domain right now that has held it's PR of 5 for 18 months and I have used it to promote 2 other sites at different times with a 301 redirect.

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    Nobody will tell you that what worked for me will work for you and the opposite

    As we say in computers the same apply for internet

    If it's not broken ... keep it

    If it works for you this system .. use it

    As you said based on my first hand experience a website that changed ownership, registrar and ns servers from PR6 dropped to 1 with the new owner and took 6 months to raise to 5

    This was maintained by me and i managed to get it top30 ( 28th ) for the word "hosting" but after the previous modification .... went doooown

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    domains that I picked up (not on drops) that held PR for a year while being parked
    since google became icaan registered the "lifetime" of inheritted PR after whoi details change has been interesting - we've see PR4 sites get reduced back to PR0 within days of changing hands
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