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    Thumbs down Stay away from *********** and Host Quote

    I was contacted by *********** because of a Host Quote request that I made. They sent me an overview of their plans, which did not interest me.

    Within the past hour, I have received over 20 spam e-mails from ml@***********. In testing if that e-mail address was bound to a mailing list or just my e-mail address, I sent an e-mail to that address. I have received numerous responses, showing that it is a large mailing list.

    Most of the e-mails that I have received from ml@*********** have to do with buying online medications and e-mail advertising. Before this incident, I rarely received spam. I have also received spam from other addresses at ***********, such as michaela@***********. Of course, I have blocked all mail from ***********.

    Until *********** is removed from Host Quote, you will probably receive similar spam if you use that service.

    I notice that the domain is censored out. I should probably contact the folks that run Host Quote about the spam from this provider. Any idea as to whom I should contact?

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    Click the link at the top of the page: "Help Desk"

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    Their url is ban which is not a good thing...

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    welcome to webhostingtalk im suprised to see such a thing happen to such a newbie cause thats just rude
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