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    Batch File Help

    I've been spending hours on end trying to figure out this batch file. What I'm trying to do is copy contents of a folder into another folder one at a time.

    Here are the contents of the batch file right now:
    @echo off
    set CurrentPath="C:\current\"
    set BackUps="C:\BackUps\"
    for /f %%R in ("dir/s/b/ad %BackUps%") do %%R
    rem call :1 %%R
    goto :eof
    echo %1>Done.txt
    If you open up Done.txt once the batch file has completed running it has this in the file: dir/s/b/ad

    Which is the command ran to get the sub directories in the directory I specified.

    Can anyone help me figure out how to get the sub directories name into the file?

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    Why not just use:

    xcopy C:\current\*.* c:\Backup\*.* /s /v

    Seems a whole lot simpler (/s copies subdirectories too, /v verifies the copy).
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    Not what I'm trying to do. I finally figure it out. Here's what I've done:
    for /F %%R in ('dir /ad /b /p %BackUps%') do call :1 %%R

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