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    Server Setup, Optimisation & Security for ONLY $10!

    Server Setup, Optimisation & Security for ONLY $10!

    As this is a new service we are providing, we are offering this amazing service at a fraction of what it usually costs with some providers charging anywhere between $75 - $125.

    We offer the following on our Starter Server Setup Plan for only $10:

    * Apache HTTP optimization
    * APF Firewall
    * BruteForce Detection
    * CHKRootKit
    * host.conf hardenening
    * LibSafe
    * MultiTail
    * MySQL optimization
    * MyTOP
    * nsswitch.conf modification
    * Securing and Upgrading of SSH Server
    * sysctl.conf hardening
    * Password scan
    * Advanced Intrusion Detection Environment
    * Fast ftp server
    * LES - Linux Environment Security
    * Logwatch
    * Linux Socket Monitor

    Our Pro Server Setup Plan for $20 includes all of the above plus:

    * Mod_Dosevasive
    * Mod_Security
    * Nessus Security Scan
    * Operating System Optimization
    * Disable php functions
    * Hard Drive reliability monitor
    * TCP/IP Hardening
    * Zend Optimizer installation
    * Turck mmcache installation

    We perform one off kernel upgrades for only $10

    If you wish to take this special offer, please submit a ticket to the Sales/Billing/Accounts department at our Support Helpdesk and we'll happily provide you with the payment link and we can take it from there.

    OSHS Ltd
    OSHS Services - DNS Clusters | R1Soft Licenses | Remote Backup Storage | R1Soft CDP Storage | Cheap Dedicated Servers - Enterprise UK Server Colo & Rack Space at Lowest Prices

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    Excelent service! Trully fast and efective.

    I recommend them to everyone!

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