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    Need help improving

    Hi guys,

    My new site is up, it's

    I need help to improve the frontpage and category browsing, it seems quite plain and empty, suggestions is welcomed.

    I'm using nePHP 4.6pre5 (alpha-cvs) as my cms.

    also should i put last 5 comment below article or it is better to hide that and link to full page of comments bit instead

    thanks for the comment in advanced
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    First off, it's a very nice looking site - pretty clean.

    From the top, down...

    1. I think the header needs something... more. Whether it's a more prominent logo - something a little more catchy... or perhaps some kind of very subtle background for the header overall - perhaps some block of code at an angle and faded out - I don't know, but something, and it doesn't have to be over the top - it looks ok, I just think it could use a little more. It would help it stand out against the background of the site which I think is what's really bringing me to this idea.

    2. Link your logo to the main page.

    3. Yes, you do need something to help with category browsing as I have no idea what the categories are or what they contain. Are they categories of... reviews? Are they cateories of... news links?

    4. To the left of the search, you have a main article. Below it (in between it and the two reviews directly below) it would be nice to have some kind of header - something letting me know what those two things are. Something like, "Reviews" for example. They appear to be reviews, but a header/label of some kind might help.

    5. This is related to #3 above... The stories below those two, underneath the "NewLink [View More >>]" - They could use a label of some kind as well. "More Stories", "Featured Articles", or "News Feed" - whatever they are, they could use a label and the label could go inside of the grey row that the "NewLink [View More >>]" is currently in, and it could be moved up into the white area of the 2 stories above, if it indeed relates to them.

    Anyway, overall as I said, it looks good - nice and clean. Good luck with your site!


    Please excuse the typos - I was typing very quickly, hehe.
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    thanks, yeah i need to work on those empty spot, i'll try your idea and see how it looks, thanks a bunch planewalker
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    No problem - be sure and drop a line back in here if you make some changes
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    Good for the image you're obviously going for. You need more markers between the text, it's too continous and to daunting. I know you don't want too many colors, but maybe just a few splashes to draw the eye to important places.

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