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    Review My Site

    Please review

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    I'll assume you are a beginner based on this design, so there are a number of things I won't go into as I'll also assume you may not have the graphical skills to apply them anyway and they would result in a complete redesign as well.

    It looks like your business is to sell toys anyway, not design sites so I'll stick to what I think you can apply and/or work with...

    1. I would stick with a standard web safe font for the content of the site. You are currently using Book Antiqua with Courier as a backup. I have Book Antiqua so I am seeing it as you have intended, and it's not doing anything for the site - especially as everything is in caps. Now, if your header and navigation images also used Book Antiqua and it was really a big part of your theme, then sure, go for it's what you want, but in my opinion it doesn't read well at all.

    2. The table you are using to display products should have some kind of margin. At the moment, it's sitting very close to the navigation on the left. I would bring it in to the right a bit. And if you use a different font and not put everything in caps, you shouldn't cause any crunching of text as a result of this. This margin space goes for everything really - for example, the contact page has your information sitting against the left side as well - a little margin goes a long way Looking over some other pages, if you want an example of good margin, look at your Terms and Conditions page - it has margin on the left side.

    3. Photos. I'm sure this is something you are working on, but you really need some photos of these products. In most cases I have no idea what these are or what they would look like. There are a lot of products, so in order to get started with something helpfull quickly, I would recommend at least getting an example photo for each category and displaying it at the top of each section.

    For example, if you click on "Skybuster", you are shown 8 products there. As a start, it might be nice to have 1 example photo at the top of the page to represent this category. Doing this means that you can get started right away with a pic for each section (about 18 or so) and then from there you can start working on getting pics for every individual item.

    4. I would drop your styles into a style sheet and then link to it. There's not really a reason not to do this. If you intend on leaving as is, you may want to remove the extra </stlye> below it (just figured I would mention it while on the subject).

    Anyway, there's a number of other things I could get into, but like I said - I think your business is to sell toys, not design sites, so I'll leave it at that.
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    IMHO you should think about changing the menu from the images to the text version. In your menu are important keywords and if you use text menu, it will be better for SEO. Or try to use "alt" tags.

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    nice site. good luck

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