GNAX Dedicated Blowout Sale!! Dual Xeon 3.06

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You can also reduce the monthly on these boxes up to 33% by multiplying the amount

you want to reduce monthly by 6 and that is the setup cost. emil us for special

setup on this. this is great for those of you who think long term.

As you know we have our Route Sciences Box Optimizing the network and our 100%

uptime guarantee on the network. Step up to the great service you have been hearing


Special on 100 meg unmetered continues! 2395 for our premium bandwidth! Normal

price is 3200 per month for this premium route optimized bandwidth.

you will not find better bandwidth for a better price anywhere.

I also have availability on racks as outlined below.

Racks - 125.00 for 42 u relay rack

details here:

you can order all servers here:

Dual Intel 3.06 Ghz XEON Processor - faster than the comptitions Xeons
1024MB ECC Memory
1 x 73 gig SCSI
1 x 80GB Hard Drives
2000GB of Bandwidth
8 IPs
Avocent remote Reboot and remote serial console
100% Network Uptime Guarantee on the GNAX route sciences optimized network!
$269.00/mth, $99/setup - but you get $99 off!!!!!!

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You can email me with any questions. - [email protected]