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    Hosting company name and mutliple sites?

    I currently work as a webdesigner but I also host a handful of my clients that I did website work for and I would like to go full force into hosting.

    My webdesign business has my Surname in it, for arguments sake, lets say my surname is "Smith" and my business name was "Smith Ideas".

    My question is, should I call the hosting something like "Smith Hosting"? or should I name it something that doesnt relate to just me in case I want to sell it? eg "Ezhost"/"Blah Hosting" etc..

    Also, should make a hosting website seperate from my webdesign site (though place the same info on my webdesign site to show people I can provide a "complete solution)" so that I can capture the market that are looking for just a full-on host?
    What would you as a customer looking for hosting prefer? A webdesigner that does hosting or a business that does hosting only?

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    You can carry the name if you wish, that's completely up to you. I doubt it'll have real effect on your client base.. As long as you provide quality service, you'll get users in no matter what.

    However, I do agree that it should be a seperate website, domain, and design from your other sites.

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    I would have two sites - one for hosting, one for design, with links to each.
    One thing that you really should think carefully about before you take this move though, is the amount of time you have available. There is a HUGE difference in the time involved when you set up hosting as a "stand-alone" from the design.
    I got into hosting after years of hosting my design client's sites. Working with clients on their site designs and setting up their sites youself leads to very little work on the hosting side.
    Start taking on hosting-only clients though and it is a whole new ball game. If you are not very careful about anticipating the needs of hosting-only clients you could run into a situation where you are struggling to properly service the two aspects of your business.

    I know of quite a number of designers that decided to branch out into hosting - and who failed spectacularly. There is still a lot of demand for designers who can offer hosting as an added feature, but once you go into hosting as a seperate venture to your design work you must treat it as a seperate business in terms of business plan and how you intend to resource it. If you are not very careful, you will find that either the hosting or the design will fail, if not both.

    Take it from one who knows

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    You can have as many names as you want all pointing
    to the same site (parked domains).
    Why maintain multi sites when you don't have to.
    I do the same thing as a flash designer , web host and
    plastic card printer.

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    make a single name and a single site and gather all your operations in them, so that one area of work will benefit from the other's success.

    also make the name a general appeal it name so that you might move in other areas of it business without seeming odd, if opportunity arises.

    thus, if you name SMITH HOSTING, when you start to offer reservation systems for tourism agencies your name wont do much good.

    or else when you start locally setting up networks for small companies, same still.

    thus make it a good and broad name.

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