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    My cheap hosting packs

    -Beginner Pack
    800MB space
    1GB bandwidth
    Unlimited everything

    Price: $10 USD/monthly (5)

    -Advanced Pack
    2GB space
    6GB bandwidth
    Unlimited everything

    Price: $30 USD/monthly (16)

    -Extreme Pack
    4GB space
    40GB bandwidth
    Unlimited everything

    Price: $50 USD/monthly (27)

    site is i know thats arabic language but ill update the main site and content with english too .. we are on a dedicated server.. here are the server spec, as it says on the main site..

    Processor: Intel Pentium 4 3.0 GHZ w/HTT
    Ram: 1 GB or 1.5 GB DDR Ram
    Hard Drives: 120 or 80 GB primary drive & 80 or 40 GB backup drive
    Connection: 100 or 10 mb/s uplink port
    Control Panel: cPanel w/Fantastico De-Luxe
    also if u would like to have a custom pack, please pm me for offers.. we accept paypal only..

    i have just got my site up and dont even have a customer, not even one.. so if you are a nice person that would like to join my hosting and be the 1st customer, that would be great..

    thank you..
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