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    ASP/ASP.NET billing systems

    Hello everyone,

    I've been looking for a ASP or ASP.NET-based billing and domain registration system similar to Whois.Cart, ModernBill, ClientExec, etc., but have found nothing so far.

    Does anyone here knows of or uses such a software?

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    I would like one too, I think ASP is nicer than PHP

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    Well if you guys would pay me enough I'd write one for you but seriously though, I'm surprised one hasn't been created yet and that might indicate that the time, effort and $$ to create such may not be worth it.

    Also *nix, apache, php & mysql are all open source by the time you factor in OS, IDE, components and MS SQL costs (to develop and maintain monthly) for an ASP version I feel the end product would be way more that Whois.Cart, MB and ClientExec.

    Just my 2c

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    You would code like a WHM Autopilot from ASP?

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    The problem is people want to develop a system that will gain the most amount of sales, limiting to windows is a poor strategy and not a good move. Hence writing in PHP can be used in Windows and Linux.

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    depending on your budget,

    platypus, billing system. (mssql, does not support online payments by users but they can login and view change information)
    hostingaccelerator, control panel. (mssql, asp, domain registrations)

    I'll be working on an api to connect them. and you could create an api to control a *nix system. VPS, Dedicated & Colocated Servers.
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