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    Cheap of Second Hand Server


    I am looking at getting my own server to put in Co Location Hosting becuase price saving over the long term future but I was just wondering if there is a place another than ebay where you can pickup cheap or second hand servers?

    These really need to be 1u rack space.

    Thanks for any help


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    Unfortuantly i cannot help you with that one, but just as a note. I have bought 5 or 6 servers from eBay each without problem. eBay would still be my recommendation.
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    what is the budget?

    Why not buy dell, they have some real great deals for so low price.

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    Dell has specials all the time, try and catch them on one of those (there was a thread about dual xeon machines for sub $1000 not too long ago), you can catch some great deals on e-bay (new and used machines), rackmountmicro, or just about anywhere else. You could even put up an ad in your newspaper looking for equipment that just came off lease.
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    I just purchased 2 Dell 1425SC with Dual 2.8's, 2GB, and 2 x 160GB SATA for about $1350 ea

    Thats alot of machine for that kinda $$, especialy with the 1 year warranty. I used to assemble alot of Supermicro Systems like the 613 with the same specs and they usually cost a bit more than this.


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    Buy new


    I recommend you try to get your own new equipment.

    I have found several options where you can get cheap servers:

    My first recommendation, check: Tigerdirect, they have a lot of deals with several companies.

    A good OEM is Visionman which uses Supermicro hardware.

    There is also Colomachine (which I haven't tested, but seems to have good prices).

    There is also the option to do it using refurbished or open-box deals: check Canvassystems. They have a huge stock of servers as well.

    Hope it helps.

    If you require a colo facility for that, I can help ;-)


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    you coulda gotten those boxes with 1 GB of ram for around 925 and then added an extra gig for 100 ... (this is for the dell sc1425) ...

    What is your budget range canoe?
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    Just about to order


    Thanks for all your help, I am quite a newbie to the server world and have always had a hired dedicated server and thought I could get a good server for under 300 ($400) but I have decided to take the plunge and get a Dell Server instead and spend the extra money.


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