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    [Paid] Create a custom form with upload a file option

    I need a custom form built for web design clients to send me updates, with around 15-25 total fields, most likely in php (my server runs Linux).

    One field needs to be a selector box where they choose the number of updates they want to send me (up to 5), and 1-5 duplicate identical form sets would appear based on their choice.

    One field in each form set needs to be the option to browse your computer and upload a file. The form should email the file (and the other field entries of course) as an attachment, if possible, to my address. If that isn't possible, I suppose the other option would be to store the form info & files in a folder on my server sorted by domain name (which each customer would input at the beginning of the form).

    Reply here, email me at lundy [at] webdesigngt [dot] com, or AIM: WebDesignGT with prices. Ideally this can be done today.

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    I can do it for you now.


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