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    What user does CPanel's backup proccess use?


    Does anyone know what user does CPanel's backup proccess use? Or do you know of a better backup script for cpanel boxes?
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    Back-up script in cpanel is initiated through cron. So the user is root.
    The script is cpbackup.
    To get a better back-up, we must ourself make one.

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    Originally posted by technocatch
    To get a better back-up, we must ourself make one.
    If anyone knows of anything better, I'm all ears. I think something rsync based is going to be the way to go, as it should be possible to keep days of history with very little bandwidth requirement. Problem with compressed tar dumps of each account is that they're always different by the time they're compressed, and so they always transfer. If you use rsync, it only transfers changed files.

    I would love to get something going along the lines of rsnapshot or rlbackup. That is, each file is only backed up once and linked to various places in the backup tree until it changes, when a new copy is put in place.

    We'd also need something smart enough to dump MySQL intelligently -- possibly just a mysqldump, if possible in such a way the file doesn't change, but possibly a raw database table dump might be more effective (faster and doesn't change randomly when the data hasn't changed). Anything else not in the home directory would also need to be dumped somehow.

    The idea in my head is that it would backup to off-machine via rsync push. Perhaps nice if it worked via rsync pull as well for those who have to use that, but working with rsync push means dumb NAS devices can be used for the backup. Unfortunately rsnapshot does rsync push only.

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