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    Place where you can customize your deticated server?

    Is there a place where it lets you pick what you want in your server like what cpu? How big of a hard drive? How much bandwidth? Like that is there a hosting that lets you do that?

  2. #2 is one that I know off, however often if you e-mail some companies they will often be prepared to sort you out with a custom spec server.

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    A lot of dedicated providers will allow this, but it could create a delay in the deployment time.
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    hmm because I need a place where they will let you downgrade because most hosting give like 1000gb transfer and like 120 HD and I only need like 350gb transfer and like 20 HD so basically I dont wanna pay for the stuff im not guna use

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    In general hosts dont opreate on that model

    Usually their business model (as much as they want to deny it) is based upon overselling, if they sell you 1,000gb of transfer they're betting on you only using 300gb thus their pricing is set to make a profit on 300gb, most likely you aren't going to find any better prices by "reducing" your hardware.

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    you'll need more than 20 gig, that's nothing in the industry any more. A properly partitioned system should have at minimum 80 gig.
    As far as why they do this? Probably because that's all they have to work with. Most won't charge you less for taking the lower road in this case, because it's MORE work for them to find the 20 gig hard drive and install it, then reinstall the OS.
    As for the bandwidth, I agree, you're not going to find someone giving you less of a price for less. Those figures are pretty much industry standard. I doubt they're "overselling" by that much, but where DC's are concerned, it's not as much about overselling as managing properly.
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