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    Couple of Praises - CDGCommerce and RocketColo

    I've been with for about 10 months now, and CDG Commerce for close to the same. Here are my experiences thus far:

    It does happen every great once in awhile. Not often though. They definatly hold true to their SLA's. I run several image hosting sites, so I KNOW when it's down. My users get with me pretty quick if they have any red x's. I'd have to give them a 10 in this area.

    You just can't beat these guys for speed. I've never had any type of issues where the limiting factor was bandwidth. I overload my box from time to time, but throughput is steady. I've had about 400 users review my image hosting services and probably 75% rave about the speed being so much faster than the rest. I credit RocketColo. 10

    This has been a non-issue for me. I don't have to contact them often, but whne I do, service is fast and done with a smile. I usually hear back from them within a matter of 10-15 minutes. 10 here....

    I can't really do "comparisons" because this is the first dedciated server setup I've ever tried. I was very nervous about the whole thing going into it, afraid I would get jipped. I appreciate RocketColo making my first dedicated server experience a great one, and making it so good that it's STILL my ONLY one

    This is another area that was my first experience. Had never dealt with e-Commerce before. These guys have been awesome. The experience has been completely painless. I have not had to contact them on ANY support issues, other than account maintenance I needed to have done. They were very responsive and the live help on their site is great. "CDGCommerce" on this forum has also been a tremendous help in answering any questions I have and clearing up any clouds I have about the way things work in general (I had some AMEX issues he helped me clear up).

    I'd give my RocketColo & CDGCommerce experiences both an overall 10, and will not be switching services to anyone else anywhere in the forseeable future

    I highly recommend both!
    Mike Bell
    Image Hosting

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    Shame CDGCommerce only accept US customers

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