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    What time is a manager most likely to give a job :: Psycologically

    I'm going to ring Waterstones book shop in Stockport at some point today so as to enquire about a position.
    However, I was thinking; at what time of the day is a manager most likely to psycologically accept the offer and be most positive.
    Of course, in theory a manager should be consistently positive throughout the day - but in reality, we all know thats impossible.

    So, what kind of time should I ring this person to give me to utmost chance of getting further?

    The options are:

    Early Morning (Before 9:00)
    Late Morning (Between 9:00 and 11:59)
    Midday (12:00 - 12:30)
    Early Afternoon (12:31 - 3:00)
    Late Afternoon (3:01 to 4:30)
    Early Evening (4:31 to 5:30)
    Late Evening (5:31 to 8:00)

    I think they close at 7:00, so what do you think and why?

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    Don't call, go in person.

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    places i ring just say come in for an application form

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    Originally posted by Rob83
    Don't call, go in person.
    As Rob has pointed out, go in person. Going in person makes you stand out, makes them REALLY consider hiring you, and also lets you get a feeling for if you really want to work there or not.

    Honestly, i'd say go in after lunch.

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    I'd recommend going in the morning, talking to the person, getting an application. Then bringing the filled out application back later that afternoon (try to catch the same manager who gave it to you). Then schedule the interview there for the next day if possible.

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    Whatever you do, dont do it early morning or right before they're about to leave. That's a great way to make someone cranky.

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    Mid Morning show up in person. Not too early, but atleast a hour before lunch.
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