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    Need advertising on a high-profile site?

    I'm accepting banner ads on the frontpage of

    Banners should be around 450x80 and reside on your server... a bit bigger or smaller than that size is fine. No flash banners or annoying, flashing-lights hit-the-monkey deals. You can also put a short sentence about your site below the banner ("so-and-so specializes in great hosting", "insert some company phrase", etc.)

    130-140,000 hits daily, around 4,000 uniques, 100+ simultaneous users online during peak hours (4pm - 11pm EST).
    Note that I moved the site to a new server a few days into June. That's why there's no hits for the beginning of the month (I didn't import the old awstats logs) and then low numbers for a few days. I actually expect the numbers to get back to the normal levels (in the 7,000 range) once more people realize the site is back online. However, I didn't want to promise anything that I can not instantly prove. Also note that awstats has only processed a few hours worth of logs for June 27th, hence the low numbers there.

    $50 through PayPal for one month (30 days). That'll give you a total of at least 120,000+ unique views to your banner or link.

    I don't do rotating ads, only one ad for their paid time in the order I receive them... so your ad will be the only one on the page, never rotated out, and placed above the content on the frontpage, centered.... where the MV Streams banner currently is.

    Prior to MV Streams, the last time that I offered advertising was back in May of 2004 on this very board (search for my name if you like). Josh at Independent Outlook took me up on the offer, and while I have no stats as to how many hits I sent him, he continued to purchase ad time every month from then until April... I'm going to guess that since he continued purchasing ad time for almost a year, something good was going on there. I'm not going to discuss why he decided to stop advertising here, but it has nothing to do with traffic or anything like that. If you'd like to contact him, he has given me permission to hook you up with him... his email is hello (at) joshuapowell (dot) org.

    The last advertiser (MV Streams) paid for two months, and last I heard, was quite happy with it. I was going to offer him an extension prior to posting here, but his email address seems to be dead...

    The MV Streams banner is set to expire on July 11th, so whomever gets the slot will have their banner added to the site on that day.

    Email: musicmademe (at) gmail (dot) com
    ICQ: 16307319 (won't be online until tonight)
    AIM: LorillardOwnsMe (won't be online until tonight)
    ...or just reply / PM here.

    As of this typing, there is nobody waiting to have their banner up; so it's first come, first served. I'll be online for another hour or so and then offline until around this time tomorrow, so I'll get back with those who respond in the order that they replied.


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    The slot has been taken. Thanks!

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