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    Profile signature testing - where should it go?

    Hi all.. I'm new to WHT (as you can guess.. why say it?)

    Just wondering where the best place to test out my profile signature would be?

    Does my signature displayed in all of my posts automatically get updated when I edit it in profile, or does the signature stay as it was when the post was made? I've seen boards that go either way

    Anyway, hoping someone can shed some light on the best place to play with my sig would be.


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    Looks like you have a preview here And yes, it does automatically update when you change it. But to preview, start/reply to a post and hit preview reply, that should show it for you. We don't have a test forum.
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    Thanks for your speedy reply, anon-e-mouse - I noticed it automagically updates the signature, and so I've already had a bit of a play - can you suggest any improvements in the signature that could make it more.. "special" without being "flash-FLASH-flash/epilepsy-banner" gaudy? hehe


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