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    is managed?

    just out of interest, is servermatrix "Silver" management plan considered as a "managed" or "unmanaged" server?

    the reason why i am asking is because I was coping quite well managing a server from servermatrix about 1 year ago. So if i get an "unmanaged" server from another host now and it offers the same level of "management" as servermatrix, then i know i can live with an "unmanaged" server.

    any help will be greatly appreciated
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    Unmanaged, they don't do anything but provide monitoring. That isn't to say that they won't help you in some cases but some problems will require you to buy management hours.

    In my experience LT's unmanaged support is just as good as SM's unmanaged support. Although I've really never needed either of them to do any OS level fixes, guess I've been lucky

    Best to check with the new host on what kind of things they will help with. Most should help you with things like if you lockout yourself or install a bad kernel. Unmanaged providers definately wouldn't go nuts debugging php code or spending hours fixing something. If the host can spend 15 mins fixing something simple to make the client happy then they should do it.


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