I continue to be available for high-quality, unbelievably inexpensive technical support from 10PM-9AM Monday through Friday and 10PM-6AM Saturday and Sunday.

I have a few clients now...but am nowhere near where I need to be to even begin to justify the hours I put in everyday. I support Cpanel/Linux and am learning Plesk/Win2003 and Helm/Win2003.

If I am given root access...I can pretty much cover any Level 1 or 2 request from clients..some level 3 as well. I am willing to even learn new scripts/applications as a client needs support for. I think the days of just telling clients, "We don't support scripts" just isn't enough anymore. I fully believe hosts can capitalize on script support to build customer satisfaction and quickly reduce churn-because they realize they have something that is not available everywhere.

I think it takes a unique individual to do this job well. I think a very important factor is honestly enjoying teaching and helping clients solve problems...and I do. I am also not very emotional..and do not give clients control...there is no way a person can "make you mad" if you don't let them.

I had one tonight going off like a bomb. Fine. I did all I could...that wasn't near enough...so he goes off. Say whatever you want. Have a nice day!

I have room for at least five more clients. I would really like to support people via a decent ticket system..like Kayako. I do not like chat...and have too much of that as it is. You will find my pricing very reasonable...and far under even overseas outsourcing companies.

Feel free to drop in and chat...all my IM contact info is in my profile..and I do like good old fashioned email as well.

I think a good relationship starts with a full understanding of exactly what you want...and then I'll see if I can meet those requirements.

I take paypal as payment. I can take direct deposit...although I've had a lot of problems with one client who "Had" to have it this way.

If I can get a few more clients, I'll have Sprint bring two more lines in here for a grand total of 4, since I use both existing lines for internet access almost 100% of the time during shift. I would like to have one just for voice...and offer it for emergencies only.

Feel free to look at my other posts on this...they cover my background with a lot more detail. Since they are so easy to find...I won't duplicate a lot of what is already in them as well. Just do a search under my username in this forum only. That will do the trick.

There is one more thing that needs to be mentioned. I am now focusing on learning service forensics. Many hosts simply lack the desire to learn the skills to track down hackers or spammers..or to be able to go through thousands of lines of logs..to learn exactly *why* the server when down...and be able to prevent it from happening again.