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    Review again. :)

    sorry my hosting went upside on my basically so I just a got a dedicated server for this site.

    Please let me know some fixes will try and update them to please the users. Thanks

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    Hmmm... at a quick glance (as I don't have much time)...

    1. You should develop a logo. At the moment, you are just using a font with a drop shadow. You have a technical-looking site - it's flashy and slick but the lack of a similar logo is killin ot for me. Make something round-ish and sleek - perhaps make it protrude into the orange above.

    2. Label the three tutorials on the main page as "Featured" or "Most Recent" or something that applies. As it is now, at a glance it looks like you have only 3 tutorials total, which of course is not the case.

    Another way to combat this might be to drop a dynamic number next to each link at the top so people could see how many tutorials you have in each category. For example...

    Photoshop (12) / Flash (2) / Javascript (4) etc.

    It would add more width to your nav, but it looks like you have room.

    3. Make your logo/header link back to the main page. I see the header is one large image set as a background, so you might cut out the logo and drop it on top aligned appropriately to the left and link it (though I'm sure you didn't need the walk through - you get the idea).

    4. On pages where you have more than one tutorial listing, perhaps break them up with <hr>'s or alternate a background color for every other row. It's a lot to look at right now when there are more than a few.

    5. Align the representative images for each tutorial as "top". This isn't a big deal, but I see that when a tutorial listing has two lines of description, the image representing it slides down as it is aligned default, or middle. I think these look better aligned to the top - but that's just my opinion. For an example of this, see the PHP tutorial page...

    ...and then the 8th tutorial down called "PHP Sessions Introduction". The title is above the image.

    Anyway, just some ideas really quick.
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    Thanks for the ideas will take them into consideration would like to get a few more before decisions are implemented.

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