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    Help choosing hosting

    First ...HI

    I know posting such message in the first place is not the best however I'm looking for a good and reliable web hosting, I did a newbie mistake by choosing ****** for a site and I need to relocate cause this one is the worst ever as far as uptime and speed (ohh my god it's sooooo slowwww)

    So I've been looking around and Hostgator seems to be pretty cheap for what they offer and I'd like to host something like 3/4 sites, I don't need more than 2 Gb of storage but one of my sites requires video streaming so that could use some bandwidth (it's a new site though so no real traffic).

    Is there a good host, reliable, fast, that is not turned of by a few sql queries and 30/40gb of video streaming per month (I dont expect more, probably much less)

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    I'm sure there are some. Do a search or try the host quote feature.
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    1,822 search around to find offers and then look for feedback on WebhostingTalk

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    It is better to post your budget and then to contact a few providers asking them if they can meet your requirements.

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    Your requirements sound reasonable. Not surprised you were put off by G***at.
    I have researched the customer satisfaction record of many hosts, and from that + my personal experience I'd like to mention DreamHost, Site5, and Micfo.
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    webgreg, first of all sorry to hear you encountered a host that didn't give you the level of service you expected.

    Second, IMO, the best thing you can do is to create yourself a list of possible hosts using hosting directories with well designed search features (like, services like, the hosting offers sections of the various hosting forums out there, and of course the hosts suggested in this thread.

    Once you have that list, do a search for each host's name (use the "titles only" option if you want to narrow your search) and carefully read the threads. This might take you a while, but the process will help you create a new list of some 3-4 hosts that appear to be the safest bets, a short list that you can always go back to if you need a host. It's good to also send the hosts some presales emails to check their attitude and responsiveness.

    Is there a good host, reliable, fast, that is not turned of by a few sql queries and 30/40gb of video streaming per month (I dont expect more, probably much less)
    Most hosts won't have a problem with you using high amounts of data transfer. The problems arise when you make heavy use of scripts and databases because that can translates in high CPU and memory usage. This is why it is good to discuss in detail your specific needs prior to moving your site(s) to a host, and check whether they feel your site fits their shared hosting environment or not.

    I hope this makes some sense and helps you in your search. Good luck!

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    Hey guys !

    That is really very kind of you to help me choosing, I've been so disapointed with G....t that it's good to hear that the hosting world is honest sometimes ...most of the time I'm hope.


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    Hi webgreg,

    There are many hosts on the web that can offer excellent hosting services. If you are not satisfied with a host, consider switching to another host. Think carefully before you sign up with another host and be extra careful when signing up with any host.

    Write down all the requirements that you are looking for in a host and read users reviews about the host before you sign up. Monthly fee, bandwidth allowance per month, disk space, functionalities, email functions, domain pointers, and control panels are some of the things you want to ask from any hosts before you decide to host.

    Hope you find the host that you like.


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    Sorry to hear about your unpleasant experience with your current host.

    You will find plenty of web hosts being able to meet your requirements, I would recommend choosing the best 3 possible host for your website and then researching for reviews on those 3 web hosts. Also contact the web host and make sure they will not mind you streaming video.

    Best of luck with your search

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    I would suggest you to first do some research about the offers here:

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    You might want to check out They've been very good to me.
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    Site5 is very good if you intend to be resource heavy. They'll just move you over to a rapid reflex box when there are issues. ****** charges very little for what they give you which could lead to them outrageously overselling which leads to slow speeds.

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    Thanks a lot for your help, I did some research and I've decided to host my 2 first domains at hostgator, hope i'm not doing any newbie mistake again.

    I was wondering also about a couple of things including:

    1- is there a possibility to have domain names spread on different class C ip's keeping the same hosting ? (I've seen that somewhere but can't find the email in my inbox anymore)

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