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    Delay in set up with Hostmerit

    Sorry to make my first post a rant but I am getting really annoyed.

    I tried to sign up with Hostmerit. I say tried, I paid by Paypal got a receipt and an email saying as soon as my money was received I would receive setup details - that was it.

    One support ticket and two emails to Kris later I have no set up details and I can't ask for a refund because I am being ignored!

    To rub salt in the wound, I then tried to sign up with another host and because I failed to find an order number in time when I received their automated phone call, I was put onto manual sign up. Ok? No. This was last Friday any response to a ticket is an auto/copy and paste reply saying that I am going to be set up manually! I have now been told this 3 times!

    I will not name and shame this one as I have asked for a refund and if they reply ok I will not publicise their tardiness. Sometimes it's like trying to engage the speaking clock in a conversation!

    I am just trying to spread things around a bit. I happily host with several others. I just cannot stand being ignored.

    Thanks for the chance to vent steam.


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    That is sad.

    Maybe try to call them?
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    I looked on the Host merit site and cannot readily locate a phone number. But why should I have to go to the expense of a transatlantic call? In my book they should reply to support tickets and emails.
    Thanks for the thought though.

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    I also had the same problem waiting for account setting up for 5days!!!!!!!Not this Hostmerit, another one,but it is why it's hard to choose a host. But mine was very quick at response though the technical support is kind of lack, fixed things very slow.

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    I do not see how any host could not reply in 5 days, that is extreme, unless they host your email, but if their own email system doesn't work, then they forsure should not be hosting you or anyone else.
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    I have had a very apologetic reply from Kris of Hostmerit. It seems he has had a very good personal reason for the delay I experienced and has put in place systems to ensure it does not happen again.

    Although it was very annoying at the time, I understand what happened and when I need hosting in the future am more than happy to give him a try.

    I thought I should let people know.


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