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    Auto-Answering PC software

    Anyone knows of any auto-answering PC software on Windows XP that maybe free or low cost shareware, that will auto answer your house phone calls (modem connected to analog house phone line) if
    not answered within 5 rings, and also allows the caller to leave
    a voice mail.

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    I believe the new VOIP phones such as vonage are capable of doing just this, however I don't believe they can connect to the normal phone line, rather they are on your internet network. Might want to look into this more... sorry I can't provide too specific information due to lack of knowledge in the field... check out or toss them an email.

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    Radio shack: $11.95

    It's called an Answering machine

    Why reinvent the wheel

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    It has been a while, but there is some low cost out there. I don't remember the name, but will check my old archives.
    A lot of modems (who uses those) now come with software that does just that.

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