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    Recomendation for Dedicated serevr with control panel

    I'm looking for dedicated linux (RH/Fedora) server that have control panel for clients and for me (resseler).
    I will need about 2GHz CPU, 40-80 GB HDD, 512-1024MB RAM, and 200-500 GB traffic/month.

    Can anyone advise me where to look ? any recomendations ?
    Price matters, so let be cheap but also reliable :-)
    Now I use dedicated server from poundhost dot com but I like to have control panel and US server.

    10x in advance

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    How much will be your budget? Looking for Managed or Unmanaged? If Unamanged, check out I suggest you browse the Dedi and Colo Offers Section or use the Search Function.

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    Than you for the answer.
    I'm looking for unmanaged server with control panel .
    My budget is below 70-80 USD/month.
    I see that Dedi and other companyes offers "Private VLAN" - what does this means ? How can I use it and for what ? As I understand Dedi offers managed server, but I do not see as a standard some control panel like Plesk or Cpanel to be included in the price :-(
    Other problem that I see with dedicatedplace dot com is that they do not support Fedora linux, seems that they support only RH AS form my prefered distros (Fedora and Redhat linux). I do not know anything about CentOS.
    I will check them more accurately.


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    Good luck with a budget that low!
    The lowest priced reliable provider I can think of that even goes 'near those' prices would be and even then it's still outside of your budget.
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    I would think that with a budget of $70-$80 you should not have much problem getting a server but the control panel would cost you more. However, look around and I am sure you will get something, if not in Intel then definately in AMD processors.
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    The lowest price you can get a dedicated server with good performance is from Layeredtech.

    65 + 25 Cpanel = 90 dollars monthly.
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    ... maybe a VPS might fit the bill, depending on the site?
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    I would recommend spending less time focusing on rock bottom prices but on what would ensure your clients uptime, reliability and long term stability for your hosting outfit. Not sure if you're trying to start a business. If you are then I would strongly recommend approaching this a little differently and spend your money wisely. Don't skimp on your infrastructure. If you start out cheap and get cheap servers, you will always pay more in the long run (or go out of business and get to start over with another cheap server).

    Just a friendly suggestion.

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    Originally posted by MrManager
    I would recommend spending less time focusing on rock bottom prices but on what would ensure your clients uptime, reliability and long term stability for your hosting outfit
    MrManager is correct. The $50 or so that you are saving per month will most most likley cost you more than that in the long run. As competitive of a market that you are in, it would be shame for you to get clients and then them leave because you ended up on a cheap white box.

    Tracy Phillips

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