Hey everyone,

I'm looking to complete any layouts, templates, logos, promotinal banners, flash work, animations, images, and any other graphic/flash related work that you need done. I also do basic scripting, with HTML, CSS, and PHP.

I charge very competitive rates, and have a very quick turn around. Quick, but always with quality.

My portfolio: http://www.stickslaughter.com/portfolio/

I have a few recent works not up on the portfolio, if you would like to see them as well.

If anyone would be interested in me completing something for them, feel free to contact me.

Email: [email protected]
MSN: [email protected]
AIM: krossuova
YIM: sticksla

It'd probably be best to contact me through email, and set up a time on an instant messenger.

Thanks, and I really appreciate it.

Take care,