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    i have found the greatest web tool

    have a look at or, they both do similar things. they are social bookmarks that save a copy of the web page for you. it is so easy to's better than delicious. i don't know, but to me it's the best thing since...well firefox!

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    i like this one..
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    What's the point? It's easy enough to type in a URL, and god knows everyone here can make a webpage with a handful of hyperlinks.

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    Originally posted by DanX
    What's the point?
    This site can be a huge timesaver. I for one don't like backing up just my bookmarks when I install newer builds of Firefox and then restoring. Plus I use up to 30 different machines a day; have a shared location would be awesome to me

    Just hope this thing WORKS with Firefox, having trouble figuring out if browser support is universal.
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    they both work w/ firefox. you drag an icon onto the firefox browser and that's all. i am still trying both out...i am leaning towards spurl right now.

    and the point is that you have bookmarks that are highly searchable either by categories or tags. you can also search other bookmarks to find other similar info. you can make URLs private or public. they are searchable from any machine any where in the more syncing bookmarks. and you save the actually web page as you saw it when it gets bookmarked...there is no "oh darn no where did that page go".

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    you drop the icon onto the toolbar.

    the two have similar really comes down to the UI you may like.

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    Google is my bookmark.

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