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    Backing up your server

    Is it posibile to back up your dedicated server to a Windows box? Can I back it up to my home comp? IS there anyway to image it once it is all setup to a windows box?


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    You should be able to setup your server to create the backups, and FTP those to your computer. But you will need to setup your computer to allow your computer to accept connections only from the server.

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    Any eway to just due an image? Say I get my server the way I want it, secured and running smooth. Then I would want to image it incase of disater. I can just re-image the server and be done.

    Thanks for the reply

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    you theoreticaly can, but any change that you'll make in the future you wont have it on the backup image. What if you get 1000 people in the meantime? Where will their accounts go?

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    I guess I was a little vague.. I would like to image the base install once secured. Then I can create the backup routines for the "users" and have them stored else where. maybe I just don't know what the heck I want to do

    Wouldn't saving the base secure config seperate save on bandwidth while doing just user backups?

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