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    Question How many sites do you run off your one server?

    I am just looking for averages here.

    Curious about 4 things:

    1. How many sites do you run off your server?
    2. How much bandwidth does do you use and how many visitors do your sites get total?
    3. What is the processor speed and amount of memory?
    4. Lastly, what kind of hard drives does it have? IDE or SCSI.

    I am trying to guage an accurate estimate of what setup I will need for my sites to be hosted on a server that can easily handle the load.


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    Hello - this is a really tough question to answer...

    We're set up in an hsphere cluster - so, the web servers are dedicated web servers (ie no other services on them) - so - they can probably handle more..


    1) we have 2 web servers with approx 50 domains each (we may actually reduce the number of domains on one of these as these are some pretty heavy use sites, but the other has the capacity to handle more) and 2 with 500 each (loads on these servers are averaging well below 0.3 - but, dont think we will be adding more domains)
    2) total, on all servers is around 2500-3000 GB
    3) xeons (db servers) & dual PIV's (web,em, etc)
    4) some servers have IDE (like mail), some have SCSI (web/DB)

    If youre running all services from a single server (ie DNS, CP, EM, DB, WEB) - this will dramatically affect the number of sites you can host on a server. Other factors are which sites youre hosting, how DB intensive they are, how many visitors they are getting, how well written the scripts are, etc..)

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    Interesting. Sounds like a a pretty powerful setup you have.

    I will be running everything off of one server, so I guess I will have to watch how much I try to run off of it.

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    We have 2 webservers hosting about 200 accounts each - they can definitely hold more.

    It all depend son if your site is db intensive or static and how active it is
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    I have one servers running 100+ sites and one site running on 3 servers.

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    Originally posted by Kamejoko
    I have one servers running 100+ sites and one site running on 3 servers.
    That statement really says it all

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    So, it basically just sounds like this is going to be trial and error. Ill just have to learn as I go.

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