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    Need ur Help, Please fill out this short survey for my psychology class tomorrow.


    Please complete this survey as honestly as you can. This survey is completely anonymous and is meant to assist in determining the correlation (if any) between punctuality/promptness/procrastination and stress in daily life.

    For a proper measure of information gathered, all questions will either be multiple choice or ranking 1-10 (10 always being the highest/extreme and 1 being the lowest)

    Question 1: Are you a punctual person? (Arriving to locations on time, complete assignments/tasks by given date, completing self-set goals, etc). Please answer on a scale of 1-10. (10 always being punctual, 1 never punctual)

    Question 2: How often in an average week are you given deadlines or appointments you must keep?
    A. Less than 3 times a week
    B. Between 3-8 a week
    C. More than 8 a week

    Question 3: How often are you late or tardy to a place you are supposed to be?
    A. Less than once a week or never
    B. Between 2-4 times a week
    C. Between 5-7 times a week
    D. Always late or tardy

    Question 4: How do you think being tardy or late effects your general preparedness or abilities at whatever/whichever place you are at?
    A. Has no effect at all
    B. Causes a minor distraction or lack in ability
    C. Causes major disruption, prevents certain work from being done
    D. Complete disturbs previous setting or hampers any work from being done

    Question 5: How often are you assigned a task(s) which is time sensitive?
    A. Daily
    B. Couple of times a week
    C. 3-5 times a week
    D. Hardly ever

    Question 6: What is your time frame for completion of work assigned?
    A. Promptly /Right away / Same day
    B. Occasional delays
    C. Completed at last possible moment
    D. Many times work left incomplete or not done at all

    Question 7: Do you believe that procrastination/lack of punctuality affect your general stress/anxiety level? Rate on a scale of 1-10 (10 being extreme stress & 1 being no stress)

    Question 8: Have you ever had repercussions due to procrastination or lack of punctuality?
    A. Constantly
    B. Occasionally
    C. .Rarely
    D. Once or never
    Question 9: When you are at a location/event/place at the requested time & an individual is late or unprepared what is your perception of this individual & will it effect your judgment on whatever they state or present?
    A. Perception of person isnít determined by promptness
    B. Individual has no respect for others
    C. Individual has no respect for themselves
    D. No feelings at all
    A. Nothing stated will make impact, regardless of what is said
    B. Examine all things presented/said extremely thoroughly & more vigorously than the statements/presentations of others.
    C. Everything stated is viewed with a bit of doubt
    D. Judge on presentation and things said rather than on preparedness/arrival time

    Thank you for filling out this survey. Your responses are very much appreciated.
    If you can please now email this to: [email protected] .

    Thank you very much

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    Well since you said please how could I refuse?

    Good luck with your survey.
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    Email sent. Good luck with your class.

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    Complete. Hope this helps. Kind of funny that you waited until the evening before the due date to complete your "tardiness/procrastination" survey. :-)

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    Originally posted by svdorr
    Complete. Hope this helps. Kind of funny that you waited until the evening before the due date to complete your "tardiness/procrastination" survey. :-)
    Very apropos!

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    Originally posted by svdorr
    Complete. Hope this helps. Kind of funny that you waited until the evening before the due date to complete your "tardiness/procrastination" survey. :-)
    I found that funny, too.

    BTW, survey done.

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    finished and sent

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