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Thread: RnDc Error

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    RnDc Error

    Everytime I try to Add an A entry to the nameserver just to setup the main server. I get an bind error rndc. Show you exactly what I get.

    "Zone does not exist, a new zone for will be created.
    Bind reconfiguring on 616750 using rndc Error reconfiguring bind on 616750: rndc: connect failed: connection refused
    Created DNS entry for
    Add Complete

    It isnt working. I have tried login in via ssh and doing the cd /scripts and the fix command but still no luck. Thanks

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    Try this fix :

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    If it's cPanel run this:

    /scripts/fixnamed; /scripts/fixnamed; /scripts/fixndc

    fixnamed should be ran twice if I remember correctly.

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    Yea I tried those before, just hired someone to fix it thanks for help. also techlollu your post count is scary 666

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