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    I'm trying to change a link on a client site ( and I can't seem to find the correct page to edit. It's an Oscommerce site, and I figured it would be the leftcolumn.php file, but it's not. I'm trying to change the Free Catalog link (it's located on the left side of the home page . . . in the purple information box). Can anyone help? I'm trying to learn this stuff so I can help clients edit their own pages and so that I can speed up the process for them.

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    As I remember, it's template based - look up for templates directory there
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    Thats what I remember... I havent really used OS Commerce much before.. But I have used it and tried to modify it before.. Its all based on a Template enging.. try looking in the template/ folder.. If Im not mistaken, The files have a different ending then what you might be use to..

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    I don't recall either, but you may want to shoot your question over to the OSCommerce forum for a quicker response. It's here.

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