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    Is there any benefit to being a "certified" member (other than being on the main page)? If so, who certified you to certify the programmers/webmasters?

    Where does this "certification" come in to play exactly?

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    If you become certified, you will be chosen for many more projects than other programmers/designers. Certified Members will get special attention, we will post your usernames for all webmasters to see on the main page and on the Certified Members page. Certified Programmers/designers also save 50% on freelancer commission fees.

    Certified members are more trusted.
    Only Quality Design

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    Yes. But what steps does a person have to take to become certified?

    If person A is honest, they are listed as certified and are "honest"

    If person B is dishonest, they are listed as certified and are "honest" as well just because they signed up now?

    How do you become certified, that is my question?

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    To become certified, a user would normally have to pay $25. Verifiable history must be produced for quality assurance - this is usually required to be 5 or more positive testimonials with evidence of work done (link to website/script etc) with contact details so that they can be properly varified (like references). The offer is to wave the $25 fee.

    Members who wish to become certified must fill out our contact form on our website and they will be asked for the above details.
    Only Quality Design

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