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    * Ebay Hosting Launched

    launched a few days ago - seems to offer versatile options or large and small biz - one month trial

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    Eh, should be interesting to see. Thanks for the share.
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    looks like its not hosting - but them finding another way of charging you to use ebay.

    It says at the bottom about you having to pay them 1.5% of sold items.

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    Wow the price is obscene.

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    In a sense it is hosting, all they are doing is offering customers a custom shopping cart and the hosting for that shopping cart software.

    It does not appear to me that this has anything to do with auctions, looks more like a regular store. I have not read the website fully, and did not see the part about the 1.5% but to me, this sounds like a big scheme to make more money.

    It would be much cheaper to go and find a web host with fantastico and install one of the shopping carts they offer. Not only would the hosting and the software be alot cheaper, they would also not have to pay a percentage of there sales to the hosting company.

    All in all, Ebay came out with a really good idea. They are going to sucker alot of people in to paying that much, and they are going to make a heck of a profit.
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    Ebay is not actually doing the hosting. They are using Affinity has their private label partner so it appears that it's Ebay hosting but it's really Affinity doing the hosting. And if you know how great Affinity's hosting is (i.e. ValueWeb, HostSave, WinSave), then you know the hosting isn't that great.

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    This is just one more way for eBay to make money, not only will the user have to pay monthly for the store to be hosted but also pay 1.5% of successful transaction fees.

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    i think yahoo is better in stores, providing you an better security and management than new Ebay

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