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    Search engine spot

    I recently had to take my dedicated server offline for 4 days (until the end of the month until bandwidth resets) and thus my website will be down 'til then, so I was wondering, will my search engine spots go down in those 4 days? I'm currently at the top of Google for a popular search term and the last thing I want is to lose that position.

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    I don't think so, unless Google updates.

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    It depends on a few things, but the short answer is most-likely not.
    Without knowing how often the search engines index your site, it's hard to say if there will be an issue. If they happen to come back by to index the site while your down, then you could see a drop in ranking. Since it will be for a short time, it shouldn't be hard to recover any lost ground, depending on which search phase you are listed for.

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    Actually there'd be no reason to fear a drop in ranking, the way rankings work that won't happen; the concern with downtime is that you might disappear from a search engine index entirely. But Google upon spidering an already-indexed page and finding it missing will not removie it immediately -- they'll reschedule it to be spidered again. If the pages aren't found after a few tries, they may be removed.

    A day or two I wouldn't worry about, but personally I'd be concerned about four days. The good news is that as long as the site comes back up with links from other sites still in place, it should be back in the index promptly without changes in rankings.

    By the way, Google addresses this in their "Webmaster Info" pages here.
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