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    Need: linux box with a good admin panel and mysql 4.0+


    I had to leave a great hosting company a little while ago because of Plesk's incompatibility with MySQL 4.0+. For technical reasons I require 4.0 or better.

    I'm looking for a reputable dedicated server hosting provider who can provide a linux box with a decent control panel and MySQL 4.0 or better.

    For some reason alot of hosting companies are still running MySQL 3.23.58


    non-celeron processor
    512MB RAM
    decent bandwidth (5 GB a month?)
    40GB+ HD
    MySQL 4.0 or better
    decent GUI control panel

    My budget is about $120 a month.

    Any suggestions would be very helpful.


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    Managed would be nice. If I add cpanel, with LT, that's another $25 a month. Is that pretty standard?

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    $25 a month is around there.

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