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    Question Need professional opinion on my site

    Would you please take a look at my site and give me an idea what I can improve? I don't know why but Google doesn't list our site when I search for it by a main keyword. The site does exist if I type the company's name. I've already done seo and submitted google sitemap to google.

    Any comments? please help, any comments would be highly appreaciated!

    The site is:

    (it's a lingerie store but it's 100% clean, nothing inappropriate! We aim to be a classy store not sleazy!)


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    I checked out your site. It looks good.

    The first thing is your logo is on the right side of the header. People read from left to right, so it's a good idea to have your logo on the left to build brand awareness.

    As far as search engines, it takes time.

    You also don't have much text or related content. These all come into play when being ranked.

    Personally, I wouldn't worry to much about search engines, you're in against "stiff" competition for the keywords lingerie, etc.

    And besides, you have none in your source code, nor do you have a description.

    Go ahead and optimize your pages, but look into other forms of getting the word out.

    All the best.

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    Thank you muzakman for such a quick and honest opinion!!! I will work on incorporating your comments. Would you mind elaborating a bit on what you mean by the following when talking about a keyword:
    "And besides, you have none in your source code, nor do you have a description."

    I do have a meta tag called that what you mean or something else?

    What do you mean by having a keyword in the source mean incorporating the keyword into file names or something else?

    Thank you very much!!!

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    i agree with muzakman... you don't have much text or related content.. but the babes on it just rock ... keep it up mate ..

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    models are nice and also site is good

  6. #6 prices...A+(+ for the models )

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    Nice. I like the domain name

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    Thumbs up

    The site is great...and the pictures much better

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    Firstly very nice site.

    As was already suggested, try and get the logo on the left. Personally I dislike the all red font. I believe some if not most of it should be in red but not all of it. I always dislike the green on the "Join & Save"s I don't think that shade of green matches the red you have. All the font in your footer is very hard to read, the green isn't so bad, but the red is near impossible. I also don't understand why you have the rollovers on your header on the front page but not on any subpages.

    I hope that helps
    Tyler Cole
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    You can always check a site's source code from your browser by clicking on "View" on the browser's menu and selecting "Source" or "Page Source".

    A text file opens up and then you can read the source code for the site. When I checked, you didn't have meta tags with keywords or a description.

    The one thing you can do is go to and download their software.

    You can type in keywords related to your business and then punch them into your favorite search engine and check out your competitions source code.

    Like I said, putting all of your effort into search engines is a full time job. But the one thing you might discover by using this software is some niche keywords that have little competition.

    Those types of keywords add up.

    Another good tool to use when checking out your competition is

    It's easier for you to go and check it then me try to explain. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

    When you're there, just type in the keyword "lingerie" and you'll see the top sites that rank high on most of the top search engines. It's really a great tool for reasearch.

    Anyway, search engine optimization is something you can check out at

    Another thing to keep in mind is starting an affiliate program. That's one of the best ways to get other people spreading the word around and bringing traffic and sales.

    All the best. And yeah, the girls look great!

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    The only suggestion I have is you should change the defualt font, I just don't like what is in use right now. It's so bland.

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    Thank you so much everyone for your help!!! I really appreaciate it, I'm going to follow your opinions and incorporate them in very soon.

    One more question if I can: what's the best way to promote an affialiate program? I mean how can I spread the word about my affiliate program? Any suggestions?

    Thank you!

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    Make sure to use alt and title tags on the images, Google really looks at those so be sure to use a long description under alt, such as alt="Brazilian Lingerie Model" or even more descriptive and change it up.

    Looks nice and I like the colors, I'm not sure the "Join and Save" button fits in though.
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    Great looking site and models! Perhaps you'd like to play with the fonts and use something other than Times New Roman??

    Good job otherwise though!! GL!

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    Originally posted by ForgottenCreature
    The only suggestion I have is you should change the defualt font, I just don't like what is in use right now. It's so bland.
    Agreed. There are cases where Times New Roman is good as a font. This is not one of them

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    Looks good, but you have to get rid of those pixelated patterns...they're simply too many...
    In rest...good luck!

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    it looks good!!!

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    Thank you everybody for your feedback. We had to revert back to Miva 4.xx from 5.01 due to glitches in Miva 5.01 so the content pages in the store don't have its regular look with some user friendly features.

    Hopefully on Monday(7/18) Miva will release the fix. Miva 5.01 doesn't always redirect the buyer after a paypal transaction to its store and consequently it's not recording the details of the purchase.

    Please keep your comments coming!

    Thank you everybody. I really appreaciate it.

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    I know I commented on the site in beginning of July, but somehow it kept getting bumped and now it's pretty high, so I'm going to bump it once more.

    You had an amazing site, and you was looking for feedback. I gave you a few suggestions, and you added them and the others. But you have lost every credibility in my book. Great design, great store etc. But I went to your site, Fx blocked one popup, and I got one. Why would a business site have popups is beyond me. Why would a business site have a links directory, probably paid is beyond me. Sponsor? Beyond me again. The point I'm getting at is, you have an amazing site, but your "sponsorship" is going to "kill" you. Sorry for being so blunt, but I had to tell you my mind. Best of luck to you.
    Tyler Cole
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    Thank you for your feedback everybody! It's been extremely helpful!!!

    Since then, I got rid of exit pop ups and made some improvements. I was testing the exit pop ups to see if it generates any extra traffic but it wasn't worth it. The extra traffic was very slim at best. So, no more pop ups.

    I'm pondering the idea though of an exit pop up asking for feedback if somebody abandons the shopping cart or exits on certain product pages i.e. why they haven't completed the sale. What's your opinion on this guys? Any pros and cons? Any suggestions on how not to implement it?

    Thank you very much!
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