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    Forum Hosting

    Could anybody recommend a reliable forum host, with a reasonable amount of space and bandwidth, FTP access, and for around $15-30 per month?

    Thanks in advance.


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    What is "reasonable" in terms of space & bandwidth?
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    For a starting forum, you probably won't need so much space or bandwidth, and chances are you won't have to pay that much to start off. But what are you looking at using?

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    I don't really know.

    Just something for a small community to start on, and maybe with possibility for further expansion.

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    Yea, just look around these forums. There are tons of hosting companies that would suit your needs and be able to host many forums with ease.
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    Ok, thanks for your help guys.
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    You'll most likely need a database, so make sure that webhost provides them.

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    A lot of companies here will be able to accomodate a growing forum.
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    If you're just starting, 10Gb of traffic will most likely be more than enough in the first months, maybe even longer. With $15 you can definitely get those 10GB and excellent hosting service. Don't try to go the cheap route. The main problem with forums are server resources (CPU and memory) usage and that's why for a forum cheap hosting is really not an option.

    What I advise you is to plan for growth. By this I mean you should make sure you have the money to afford more advanced hosting solutions when such will be needed. Once your forum starts to get close to using 40-50Gb per month (IMO) it's time to look for a guaranteed server resources approach (VPS or dedicated). The number of simultaneous users online can also be used an indicator of high server resources usage; some say 40-50 is a good threshold to move to VPS.

    The funds to sustain your forum don't have to come out of your own pocket. Put some small yet well placed ads on the site and make the forum it pay for itself. That way you'll get to fully enjoy the forum without it being a burden on your finances, and you might even have some extra change to get yourself a burger every once in a while.

    Good luck!

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    Again, thanks guys.

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