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    [For Sale] - Custom Built Music Website (MP3s, Music Videos, etc.)

    I am considering selling one of my favorite projects (website).

    What is the point of the website?
    The website allows members to submit links to music files (audio and video) they find on the web. None of the music files are hosted by the website, rather linked to from the database.

    The backend scripting is custom programmed by myself. It was a tough process, made my brain go dead, but it is a great backend program. There is a small control panel that allows for the confirm / rejecting / deleting of submissions. I am in the process of also adding the adding / deleting / editing of categories to this control panel as well.

    Stats are located here (unique visitors per day - avg 92) and here(pageviews per day - avg 397) [as of 4:30pm EST on 6/27]

    The main source of traffic is from link trades with other websites.

    It is averaging only 12 cents per day via Adsense, but the site is fairly new.

    I am entertaining any offers. Remember, this is a unique and custom programmed website. If you are interested, please feel free to post offers in thread or via PM.

    Thank you!

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    Do you have a price in mind??

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    So far I've rec'd some offers ... highest so far is $225

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    Ill start with a bid of $150


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    Thanks for the offer. I currently have a $225 offer on the table, but still accepting others.

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    $225 is current high offer. WOuld love to get it sold today or tomorrw

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