is the company indian domain, but it also happens to be a funny little domain.
There's not to my knowledge any restrictions on this domain, I was able to buy them without seeing any warnings of restrictions.
Great for a gaming site, or a nostalgic arcade site. Also very suitable for vhost for shell providers.
Bidding starting price: $5
Minimum selling price: $15
Buy it now price: $25 &
Excellent gambling site domain. Perhaps a site with a simple flip-the-coin game? Such simple sites often gets 100k+ monthly views easily if done right!
Buy them both at once, or just one:
Bidding starting price for both: $5
Minimum selling price for both: $30
Buy it now price for both: $50
Bidding starting price for one: $5
Minimum selling price for one: $15
Buy it now price for one: $25

Payment per or

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