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Thread: just the basics

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    just the basics

    im logged into my WHM....... i am so confused... i was just wanting to make a big website kinda
    i have a website
    but i was just wondering how do i get a DNS for it????
    and yes i do have a dedicated server...

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    Try reading the Official Cpanel Newbie Guide I've written. Also try typing in server help or cpanel tutorials in google.
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    for some reson i cant do any of thoes ssh commands..... so far all i have done is assigned a ip address to 2 of my NS. is there anyway i cando the rest manual with the WHM?

    and i went into go daddy and tried to put htis in this dns

    it wouldnt allow it

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    i was i having the same problem a while back, and i was told to call godaddy support..but basically the will tell you to park your domain name and then go to the dns on the left of the panel( im talking about godaddy) and click there and just add you ip..sorry im not to helpfull in details but im at work now i cant write to much..

    call godaddy's support # and good luck!
    el Dutty-Dutty

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    thank you sir

    so what else do i have to do now?
    i made
    assigned them both a ip address and used both of them for my dns.

    whats next

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    bump bump bump

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