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    £50 One off , Unlimited design for 2 years

    That is correct!

    At the moment I am in a bit of a financial rut, So this is the service I am offering.

    £50 one off payment and you have my services for 2 years - Constantly on call up VIA Email or MSN, Say you want a banner doing quickly, Im here.. Anything you want within the space of those 2 years big or small - I will provide for the one off payment of £50.

    My work can be viewed at my DeviantArt gallery here . That is mostly my artistic work, More popular with band wanting CD covers. But I also have 5 years experience with more corporate work, Logo's and website banners etc. I am currently receiving feedback from clients which I will post within this thread at a later date.

    Contact :

    Email - [email protected]

    MSN - [email protected]

    Thanks alot,

    Jack Lawtey

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    Wow, excellent offer Jack!

    I can personally testify to the amazing work that Jack does.

    He helped us with our mainstream design for our new Rezilient v3 site.

    He provided plenty of artwork and design elements to the site. He was professional, courteous, and best of all FAST.

    You can PM me if you have any doubts...

    You'd have to be crazy NOT to sign up for this...

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    (added you to MSN, but not online, so I guess i'll ask here )

    What currency is that? GBP?

    Can you do whole website designs & coding?

    Rob G.
    ShopManager - Sales & Repair Business Management Software

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    That is great british pounds. With equals about to around $120, But I'll accept $100 no problem
    I cannot do coding, Though I can provide you with a PSD of a website design.

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    Price now dropped to 40

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