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    Need PHP/MySQL Developer $$$

    Please see my post here:

    I didn't know which area to put the information in...

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    Your other post was removed, so perhaps you can post your requirements here
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    I wish they had copied it over, since it was a few paragraphs long.. but here's what I have time to write again now..

    Budget: $100-200+ (20% upfront)

    Type: PHP/MySQL Development, CSS

    Description: I need a basic MySQL database designed, and a front-end (designed with CSS so it can be easily modified) with the following features: a rating system, filtering/search, different query types, stock quote updating via an open source PHP class, and image upload into the MySQL table. I'd also like to discuss the inclusion of some charting components (open source software use is okay for that part).

    Timeframe: Ideally 1-2 weeks, but whatever it takes to get a quality solution.

    Also: Please do not apply if you don't have the time or skillset to accomplish this. I've had too many people apply for a job with me, take my prepayment, discover that it takes too much time or that they don't have the ability to do it, then run with my money. I won't post names here yet, but a lot of them are still active on this forum... So please, serious bids only.

    Email me at devanium at yahoo dot com for more information.


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