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    namecheap nameserver registration


    I try since days to register a baneserver with namecheap, but I canīt ping it...I waited more than 48 hours, but nothing. Does anyone know whats wrong ? I was reading that the support just answeres that something must be wrong with the hosting provider....but it is not.

    Do you have any ideas ?

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    Namecheap works fine here, I tried pinging and it doesn't so they have it disabled

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    what time does it need to be registered ? I thought maximum 72 hours, right?

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    It might be your server thats the problem. :-/

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    how can I find it out ? and what can I do ?

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    right.... I thought that you mean't you couldn't get on Namecheap.

    Go to and try ping your site see what results are shown. What extension is the domain?

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