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    Bandwidth Monitoring

    I am wondering if someone can help me with the following:

    I am trying to find the best way to monitor bandwidth usage on a per IP basis. For example, say I wanted to monitor bandwidth usage for the following IP's:

    I need to monitor every thing these IP's transfer - not just HTTP. It should create HTML files for each IP, for example:

    Bandwidth monitoring for /var/www/html/

    Bandwidth monitoring for /var/www/html/

    Bandwidth monitoring for 33.33.333.333: /var/www/html/33.33.333.333.html

    Bandwidth monitoring for 44.44.444.444: /var/www/html/44.44.444.444.html

    Bandwidth monitoring for 55.55.555.555: /var/www/html/55.55.555.555.html

    I have looked at MRTG, but it only graphs the bitrate. I have also looked at BandwidthD, but couldn't get it to work - it kept saying it had nothing to graph.

    Are there any other ways of doing this? By the way, I am running CentOS 3.5.

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    They have a iptables plugin but I don't think that would work. You could aways write you own plugin that writes out the transfer iptables records.

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    How would I go about setting that up? Is there a tutorial available?

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    I'd recommed a 95 percentile scheme.
    Set up a cronjob to read the in/out speed of IPs every 2 minutes.
    Remove the top 5% peaks.
    Superimpose that data you get from Mpbs -> GB/m.
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    I am surprised that there isn't already a program that can do this. Is there anybody or any server management companies that could set something like this up? (I am willing to pay)

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    use cricket. it's pretty accurate.

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