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    Request for travel-related PR3-PR5 text links

    Hello, I am interested in getting 5 text links (maybe more):

    - The topic of the site should be travel-related
    - 1 text link per domain. If you have 2 domains, they should be on different C-class IPs.
    - The PR of each page should be PR3-PR5.
    - The text link should be the ONLY off-site link on each page.
    - I don't mind if the page is a deep link; but it should be easily found and crawled by search bots and of course have a PR3-PR5.
    - The text link should NOT be placed at the bottom of the page.

    Payment method: paypal or credit card

    Duration: 6 months minimum

    Alternatively if you are interested in, we can provide you with equal reciprocal links from quality sites we maintain.

    Thank you

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    Request for travel-related PR3-PR5 text links

    I got a travel site called it only has 1 outgoing link right now, which we would replace if you decide to use the site. It's a PR 3 and has good bot activity. Site has been online for about a year now. If your interested please PM me your budget and we'll go from there. Thanks!

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    I got a travel site as well.

    Url - (currently PR3)
    Stats -

    How much you willing to pay?

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