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    Lightbulb Feedback needed on

    Hi guys, if any of you guys has had any experience with please let me know of your results.


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    have you tried doing a search on them here at WHT?
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    Hi arctile,

    Interland is one of the largest 25 web hosts out their (in regards to number of domains hosted). You're sure to find many reviews by searching these forums and Google.
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    While I've not hosted with them, to be perfectly clear, I did have one of their clients steal some of my software by not laying for a license and they changed all the copyright details on the top end to claim it was their's and they created it. I contacted them about it and offered proof without any question and they flat out refused to do anything about it and said I'd have to sue them to force them to comply with the DMCA, regardless of the proof I offered and my willingness to work with them and supply whatever they needed or wanted to satisfy them per the DMCA. To me, this says a lot about a company in a negative way, but I never hosted with them and couldn't say anything about their hosting service.

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    Useless control panel. Bad security. Move along.

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    They do telemarketing / cold calling.
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    There is plenty of feedback on that company. To put it mildly: it is not a host I would recommend to anyone.
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    i can't say that i have ever heard of that company, but i wish you well finding a company that suits you well.. whether it be interland or someone else.

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