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    Include an entire phpbb within another php/html?

    Anyone know how to include a whole phpbb template/layout into another page? if not, any phpbb experts want to offer me some assistance with a few tweaks including this one?

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    I don't think it's possible.. I know MyTopix can, if you don't have to use phpBB.

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    Several portals do that (like search/ask around at

    Some mods/styles might make it simple, lots at

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    thanks all. I'm now looking at a way to encapsulate the forum style+content into a php file with 100% absolute links rather than relative... when this is completed it will be easy to include in other files (nest).. this is the way phpbb should have been created in the first place, i've not seen any forum software do it right!

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    I am not sure exactly what you plan to do but there are modifications, other than things like using phpNuke or PostNuke, that can get you want you need.
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    thanks, I know about those, they are alot more than modifications.. they are entire CMS systems!

    What I want is a way to go to any static or dynamic php page on my site and < include THEFORUM > inline wherever I want. essentially a wrapper situation.

    I did notice that the new bbforum2 or whatever it's called DOES do this, and for that reason alone I will consider it as a good option.

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